Hebei Xindadong Textiles Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. / Hebei Spring Textiles Co., Ltd was founded in 1985, and is a large-scale private enterprise of yarn and cloth manufacturing, and textile printing and dyeing.Xindadong/Spring owns 240 thousand ring spinning spindles, 260 Belgium rapier weaving machins, and 4 printing and dyeing production lines; the main products are yarn, denim, clothing, etc; there are 4,000 employees, and the total production value is more than ¥0.6 billion.Xindadong/Spring is constantly working on creating and applying advanced management models, scientifically configuring the inner resources, energetically adopting three stratigical projects of “talents, brand, and technology” to develop the enterprise.At the same time, Xindadong/Spring constantly introducing advanced manufacturing equipments and technologies to satisfy the requirements of high-class products from top-ranking customers. The product quality is qualified to meet the requirements of international advanced level by practicing technology innovation and management optimization. Top-grade knitting yarn of “Y&T” has been working with VF, Esquel, Youngor, and other famour companies, and has been serving the brands of LEE, WRANGLER, POLO, ADIDAS, YSL, etc.Xindadong/Spring is irreplaceable in the market; especially during the financial crisis in recent years, according to precise market positioning, the production has been increasing steadily, and also the production scale is becoming larger and larger. Xindadong/Spring has taken more and more social responsibilities that has contributed two hope primary schools in Xinjiang.Regarding to company development strategy, there will be brand center, R&D center and selling center built overseas, and Xindadong will be competent to be one of the most advanced top-ranking companies in the world in future.
Xindadong always pursues the human resource strategy of “people oriented, talents motivate the development”, and offers harmonious working and living environment to every employee. Xindadong helps employees to learn and improve working skills, designs suitable career schedule and builds the stage for every one to develop.
In fierce market competition, human resource is one of the most important factor to develop, Xindadong is looking forward to find the ones who can understand personal value and ability correctly, and be optimistic, positive, and innovative.

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